Management Information Systems Type – A Sample Questions for Second Semester of SMU MBA

These are most important sample questions of Management Information System for 2nd semester SMU MBA.

1. Junior level management has the responsibility of implementing _______ Operations

a) Day to day
b) Tactical
c) Strategic
d) Organization

2. _____ planning Formulates policies to govern use and disposition of the resource

a) Strategic Planning
b) Management control
c) Operation contest
d) Strategic and Operational control

3. The junior level of management/organization needs information for

A) Operations scheduling
B) Operations control
C) Planning and scheduling
D) Both A) and B)

4. The management control system enables the manager to

A) Assure that actual activities conform to the planned activities
B) To take the corrective action in case of any deviation in the actual and planned activities
C) To control the management
D) Both A) and B)

5. State which of the following statements are true

a) Management Information System generate the data
b) The data will be collected, recorded and stored after it has been generated by business operations in an organization

A) Only b)
B) Only a)
C) Both a) and b)
D) None of the above

6. The management-oriented feature of MIS refers to a feature i.e.

A) The MIS provides information to the people at all levels
B) Only provides information to top level people
C) Only operational level people can get information
D) None of the above

7. Systemic approach to MIS brings high degree of ______ in the business process

A) Control
B) Professionalism
C) Concern
D) Both B) and C)

8. Strategic MIS supplies an organization with

A) Structured information
B) Unstructured information
C) Business intelligence
D) None of the above

9.____ is the mode of checking the program of plan and correcting the deviations

a) Controlling
b) Planning
c) Directing
d) None

10. ISS stands for

A) Information Support System
B) Intelligent Support System
C) Intelligent Systems & Services
D) Information System & Services

11. Processed data is called

A) Data processing
B) Information processing
C) Information
D) Data conversion

12. Non Action information is

A) Unattended data
B) Unprocessed data
C) Unnoticed data information
D) A) or C)

13. IRM stands for

A) Internal Resource Management
B) Information Resource Management
C) Integrated Resource Management
D) Integral Resource Management

14. An attribute could have ___________ value

A) Logical or physical
B) Single or multiple
C) Sequential or relational
D) Internal and external

15. The E-R diagram shows ______________ types of relationships

A) Logical
B) 3
C) Hierarchical
D) Relational

16. A distributed database is distributed over systems located in _______________

A) Different places in an organization
B) Different geographic areas
C) Different computer hardware
D) Different networks

17. Object Oriented-programming views programming as a series of interactions among objects rather than ______

A) Functions
B) Procedures
C) Statements
D) All of the above

18. Database that handles varieties of data objects is called

B) Multimedia database
C) Object-Oriented DBS
D) Client server databases

19. The decision making model was originally proposed by

A) Michel Porter
B) James Obrien
C) Herbert Simon
D) None of the above

20. Model management system is a component of

D) Expert system




    pl. send me solve sample paper System Management Group II (MB2002)

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    Please provide me the answers for the sample questions of Management Information System for 2nd semester SMU MBA

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    Please send me the answers for the sample questions of Management Information System for 2nd semester SMU MBA

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    sir plz send MIS[manegment information system] for MBA . plz sir i m wating for urs reply thank u sir

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