Sample Questions of Operation Research MB0032 SMU MBA

These are some sample questions of Operation Research. I have already published Type-A questions of OR (Operation Research) of SMU MBA. These are mix questions of Type-A and Type-B sample. You can subscribe Type-A Project Management Sample Questions for SMU MBA MB0033 also for your examination preparation.

Q: 1- _______is used for project involving activities of repetitive nature

b) CPM
c) All of the above

Q: 2- Estimating the durations of activities taking into considerations the resources required for these execution in most economic manner.

a) Activities
b) Scheduling
c) Event
d) All the above

Q: 3- A point in Represent in that signifies the completion of some activities and the beginning of new ones.

a) Activities
b) Event
c) Project
d) All the above

Q: 4- The network represents project operations or task to be conducted is called

a) Event
b) Activities
c) Operation
d) All the above

Q: 5- Each activity is represented by one and only one in the network –

a) Arrow
b) Line
c) Path
d) None of the above

Q: 6- Each activity is represented by a directed

a) Arc
b) Line segment
c) Activity
d) None of the above

Q: 7- AN activity is said to be __if a delay in the start of the course makes a delay in the completion time of the entire project.

a) Non –critical
b) Critical
c) Delay
d) All the above

Q: 8- An activity is activity such that the time between its earliest start and its latest completion time is longer than its actual duration

a) Critical
b) Non critical
c) Delay
d) All the above

Q: 9- An activity is said to have a slack or float time

a) Non critical
b) Critical
c) Both of them

Q: 10- The critical path identifies all the critical activities of the ________.

a) Project
b) Event
c) Activity
d) None of the above

Q: 11- In a project network, a sequence of activities may from a loop (T/F)

Q: 12- A critical activity must have its total and free floats equal to zero (T/F)

Q: 13- A non -critical activity can not have zero total float (T/F)

Q: 14- The critical path of project network represents the minimum duration needed to complete the network (T/F)

Q: 15- A network may include more than one critical path (T/F)

Q: 16- A concept of experimentation in the management laboratory is called –

a) Monte card
b) Simulation
c) None of the above

Q: 17- Simulation is often referred to as Analysis of –

a) Monte carlo
b) Ulan
c) Von Neumann
d) All of the above

Q: 18- The approach adopted for solving a problem in gambling can be extended to decision making.

a) Simulation
b) Method
c) Bayer
d) None of the above

Q: 19- ________ approach is recognized as a powerful tool for management decision making.

a) Monte carlo
b) Simplex
c) Game theory
d) Simulation

Q: 20- Linear Programming is a _____Process.

a) Optimization
b) Minimize
c) Maximize
d) All the above


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