Most Important Questions for MB0030 Marketing Management of SMU MBA

These questions can be asked in MB0030 examination for Marketing Management of SMU MBA. I already have shared some more Type-A sample questions for Marketing Management and Sample Questions for Marketing Management of Sikkim Manipal University.

1. Factors which influencing the consumer behaviour.

a. Social factors
b. Cultural factors
c. Personal factors
d. All of the above

2. Social factors, economic factors, personal factors include.

a. Consumer preferences
b. Consumer behaviour
c. Marketing concept
d. Marketing analysis

3. Maslow’s theory of motivation having __________ levels.

a. 4
b. 5
c. 1
d. 3

4. Family, preferences and roles and status includes under.

a. Social factors
b. Geographical factors
c. Perception process
d. Both a and b

5. Economic factors influences include.

a. Consumer credit
b. Savings
c. Family income
d. All of the above

6. _______ concept of marketing, as the very name indicates, holds that the exchange of a product between seller and buyer.

a. Exchange
b. Production
c. Product
d. All of the above

7. ________ philosophy holds that if left alone would not buy enough of the Company’s products.

a. Selling
b. Marketing
c. Exchange
d. None of the above

8. Factory, product, selling & promotion, profits through sales volume include.

a. Selling concept
b. Marketing concept
c. Both
d. Both of the above

9. Marketing Audit, environmental analysis, SWOT analysis includes under.

a. Planning process
b. Marketing process
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

10. It is a part of the larger corporate analysis and is chiefly concerned with the marketing environment, objectives, policies, operation.

a. Marketing audit
b. Planning process
c. Marketing process
d. All of the above

11. ________ refers to those assets which can be converted into cash quickly.

a. Quick Assets
b. Current Assets
c. Intangible Assets
d. All of the above

12. _________ after purchasing the product the consumer will experience some level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

a. Post-Purchase behaviour
b. Post-Purchase satisfaction
c. Post-Purchase action
d. All of the above

13. “Our best advertisement is a satisfied customer refers to

a. Post-Purchase actions
b. Post-Purchase satisfaction
c. Both
d. None of the above

14. The participates in the business buying process are

a. Influencers
b. Approvers
c. Buyers
d. All of the above

15. The marketing means

a. Identifying
b. Anticipating
c. Satisfying
d. All

16. The marketing concept & its philosophy came into existence in

a. 1930
b. 1950
c. 1960
d. None

17. Who said- “Market is a business”?

a. Mr.levtt
b. Mr. Drucker
c. Mr. Kotler
d. None

18. The term ‘market’ is derived from the ______ word.

a. Greek word, Mercates
b. Latin word, Mercatus
c. Latin word, Mercurous
d. None

19. Which statement is correct in respect of perfect market?

a. Group of buyer & seller who have full knowledge of other sellers and buyers.
b. There is an effective competition between buyers and sellers.
c. Only one price is prevalent in the market.
d. All of the above

20. The concept of ‘Unsystematic market’ comes under.

a. Macro-environment
b. Micro-environment
c. Both a & b
d. None

21. The examples of Basmati flakes (variety) for Indian market by Viellogg’s comes

a. Demographic segmentation
b. Geographic segmentation
c .Physiographic segmentation
d. Behavioral segmentation

22. The buyer behaviour models include.

a. Economic model
b. Learning model
c. Sociological model
d. All of the above

23. ________ the individual buyer is influenced by society by intimate groups as well as social classes.

a. Nicosia model
b. Sociological model
c. Economic model
d. All of them


  1. bhanu pratap vijay said

    can u provide me the answer keys of Mba 0028 to Mba0033 samples papers

  2. seema said

    IMP Q’s r there but where is the answers ?

  3. indy said

    oh-come on…. where r the answers????

  4. Mahesh chand shand said

    Dear sir i am mahesh student fo mba 3 sem {marketing} so i want to same help about exmim so pl. Forward modal pepar so that i would good prepecation subject mb0030 , mb0031{sem 2} and MB0035,MB0034 ,MK0001 MK0002, MK0003,MK0004{MARKETING sem 3} THANKS

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