Some Examination Questions for Marketing Management MB0030 of SMU MBA

There are some most probable examination questions for Marketing Management MB0030 of SMU MBA. Get some sample questions for MBA MB0030 of Sikkim Manipal University. You can get Marketing Management assignment also – BCG matrix.

1. It is the set of activities used to manage the flow of products from manufactures to consumers and end users.

a. Physical distribution cost
b. Total distribution cost
c. Both of above
d. None of the above

2. Certain elements of promotion mix which one is not an element.

a. Advertising
b. Personal selling
c. Publicity
d. Virtuality

3. _________ is the set of marketing tools the firm, uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market.

a. Marketing mix
b. Promotion mix
c. Production mix
d. All of above

4. Certain requisites of effective segmentation.

a. Measurable and obtainable
b. Substantial
c. Actionable
d. All of the above

5. Certain approaches of marketing.

a. Mass marketing
b. Target marketing
c. Micro marketing
d. All of the above

6. _________ occurs when target market is further bifurcated and the needs.

a. Micro-marketing
b. Customized marketing
c. Personalized marketing
d. Macro-marketing

7. Pick which one is not included in the park ten rules for building relationship.

a. The average customer does not exist
b. If something goes wrong, fix it quickly
c. Guarantee for every manager
d. Guarantee customer satisfaction

8. Psychographics segmentation includes

a. Life-style
b. Personality
c. Values
d. All of the above

9. Loyal status four groups includes

a. Split loyals
b. Shifting loyals
c. Hard-core loyals
d. All of above

10. __________ is a market coverage strategy in which company follows ‘one product-one segment’ principle.

a. Concentrated marketing
b. Differentiated market
c. Both of above
d. None of above

11. Which one is least suitable for constrained firm resources?

a. Differentiating marketing
b. Concentrated marketing
c. Both
d. none of the above

12. ______ are those consumers who are loyal to two three brands.

a. Split loyals
b. Shifting loyals
c. Switchers
d. All of the above


  1. sucheta said

    plz send me the answers…

  2. Pulkit said

    bhen k lodo answer kon tumhara baap deyne ayega

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