MIS Sample Questions for Sikkim Manipal University MBA

There are the sample questions for MIS (Management Information System) of SMU MBA examination. I have already shared some sample questions on this topic – Sample Questions for SMU MBA Second Semester MIS, Sample MIS Questions for SMU MBA Examination and Management Information Systems Type A Sample Questions.

1. The four major types of Information System are:

A) (1) AIS (2) EIS (3) KMS (4) ES
B) (1) TPS (2) ISS (3) MIS (4) OAS
C) (I) OAS (2) OIS (3) AIS (4) KMS
D) (1) KMS (2) ISS (3) OAS (4) AIS

2) _______ can be defined as the data, which can be organized and present to decision maker.

a) Information b) Actions
c) Objectives d) Goals

3) Vertical organization is also know as ______

a) Line organization
b) Functional organization
c) Line and staff
d) Committee organization

4. In line organization authority concentrates in the hands of __________

a) Top most b) Middle
c) Lower d) None of these

5 In ____ organization authority will be reduced at each successive level.

a) Line organization
b) Functional
c) Line and staff
d) Committee organization

6. In which organization activity taken out by any department affects the work of other departments

a) Committees organization
b) Staff organization
c) Line organization
d) None

7. Multifaceted problem can be solved by implementing ___________organization

a) Committee organization
b) Line and staff organization
c) Functional organization
d) Line organization

8. _____ is a process of achieving an organizational goals and objectives with resources

a) Management
b) Organization
c) Committee organization
d) Line organization

9. _____ major function of management

a) Planning b) Allocating
c) Sampling d) Operating

10. _____ is the process of deciding in advance. When and also how to undertake actions.

a) Planning b) Management
c) Line organization d) MIS

11. _____ is the mode of checking the program of plans and correcting the deviations

a) Controlling b) Planning
c) Directing d) None

12. Top level management is otherwise called _______ management

a) Strategic b) Tactical
c) Operational d) Controlling

13. _______ level management has the responsibility of implementing over all plans

a) Middle level b) Top level
c) Lower level d) None of these

14. Junior level management has the responsibility of implementing __________ operations

a) Day to day b) Fractional
c) Strategic d) Organization

15. ________ Planning Formulates policies to govern use and disposition of the resources

a) Strategic planning
b) Management contest
c) Operational control
d) Strategic and operational control

16. ________ measure performance, decide on contest actions and also allocate resources

a) Management contest
b) Strategic planning
c) Operational control
d) None of these

17. ________ makes use of pre-established procedures and decision rules

a) Operational contest
b) Strategic planning
c) Management control
d) Organization

18. Planning, Organising, directing and Controlling are the various ____ in the Management process

a) Steps b) Resources
c) Objectives d) None of these


  1. chandan kumar said

    respected sir
    pls send me mba(smu) 1st semester previouus 10 years exam solved question
    thanks and regards


    Please furnish previous 2 year SMU 2nd Semestar MBA Question Paper & Model Question Paper and Surehot Question Paper

  3. Rs said

    hi guys . i have joined in SMU for mba . i am a handicapped person so bounded in chair . i will not be able to vivist ant of the counselling sessions the university mighty be holding . need to know if i couls get Questions papers of this university for last 3 years . so that i could up grade myself with the sysytem.

    do post a word for me.

  4. emad said

    please write answers

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